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Rewrite the garden “worth”
One day, Ye Shaoweng is walking in the river. “Are you Ye Shaoweng? “I saw a young man asked softly.” it is in. “” is it really you ah, I am! “The man arch submissively, somewhat excited,” that what you do here? “” xianlaiwushi, walk around, get some fresh air. “Ye Shaoweng replied.” it can’t be done, you see the excellent spring, how can bring for a walk? You see, I’m going to a friend’s house.Sko australien FitFlopReward landscape, it was so much fun! “The man smiled, and looked up to the sky,” the time is late, I should go, zanlia Liaoba next time! “The man submissively made a series, went away.” yes, “ye Shaoweng awakened,” I don’t have a friend home bonsai?? This great spring really should not waste, as well, I have to admire? “Ye Shaoweng suddenly feel happy a lot, he excitedly rushed home to get a few bottles of wine with a cloth and went out of the house.” ah, this mountain air is not the same, make people feel comfortable! “Ye Shaoweng down a steep mountain road has to go, after about an hour, and finally to his friend’s house. He went on in front of the house, a stone path, heart happy extremely.” Oh, wrong, how the size of the next as long some moss? “Say, his foot is stepping on a piece of moss,” yummy “sound of a fall in. I should know. This is park master too cherish the green moss, fear of others clogs it trampled, even my old friend also don’t pass! “Ye Shaoweng slowly stood up. This time he has taught, not see moss in the place to go, it is very smooth. Dude, dude, I, ye Shaoweng.” ye Shaoweng side knocked at the door and said. “Why didn’t answer? So, Ye Shaoweng to increase the sound Bei: “man, man, is me, Ye Shaoweng” still no response. “Hey, how is no one?” I want all the way, but ended up baipao! I’m not the time to come! “Ye Shaoweng is going to become dejected and despondent home, suddenly saw the corner outside a branch opening is colourful blossoms,FitFlopSuisei Kobiety FitflopWalkstar s 3He was shocked. “Ah, ah! “He sighed.” this garden inside the scene must be very beautiful, the fence is surrounded not live. This branch of apricot is one of the branches, which do not extend to outside the wall to the! Ha ha…… “ye Shaoweng satisfactory home. Because, he already knows the garden scenery. He wanted to, when the next time he comes to, be sure to personally enjoy the beautiful landscape! Rewrite the garden “worth”